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Barre March Madness

barre march madness

The class outline for March is all set to our own version of those awesome Jock Jams CD’s you know you love! And that inspired us to use that trusty ball for almost all of the exercises listed…even some of the stretches! These outlines are meant to inspire you as instructors to try something new, use fresh music and put classes together that your clients will LOVE! Use some or all of the outline provided to try new things and push your clients to the next level while continuing to focus on safety. There are so many tutorials out there and it can be nearly impossible to differentiate between exercises that are safe and unsafe in a 30 second video.

Barre march madness with IBBFA! We promise these exercises have all been designed and approved by our expert Master Instructors to ensure safety and accuracy. If you need more clarification or information about anything listed in these class outlines, never hesitate to reach out to us at and we will be more than happy to help!

Be sure to tag us in anything you post about these themed classes with #barremarchmadness! We want to show you and your dedicated clients off to the world.

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