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IBBFA: la formación de profesores de Barre en línea más grande y extensa del mundo

Ballet Foundations at the Barre

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We feel a shift happening in the world of fitness today. At Barre Certification, we see people reach out to us every day because they are discouraged by the group fitness classes offered in their area. Has this been an issue in your community?

We would like to end the shallow, close-minded and competitive culture of studio fitness. Certified barre instructors are part of an elite group of people that not only become empowered through informative manuals and video tutorials but have access to support each other.

How often as an instructor do you wish you could ask a peer about timing for an exercise or an injury modification for a student? THAT is why we are here. Barre instructors should be so empowered by the knowledge that they have and the support system the exist in that they can change the way people think about their health and fitness. Community is the name of the game.

All of the master instructors at have extensive dance and fitness backgrounds. We really believe that the bond between fellow dancers is something that should be experienced by everyone.

When you create an environment that thrives on discipline, encouragement, and self-improvement, you create what dancers have worked with their entire careers. It’s no wonder dancers have the energy to endure six hours of daily rehearsals and eight shows a week.

The standard has been raised for barre instructors. When you know the fundamentals of ballet technique as well as culture and etiquette, you pass along a deep history of excellence and extreme success.

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