Programa de formación y certificación de instructores de Barre

IBBFA: la formación de profesores de Barre en línea más grande y extensa del mundo

You see, I see, we all need CECs!

Not all teacher training courses are created equally. Furthermore, online teacher training programs can be a big risk if you don’t know what you are getting yourself into. Here are some important things to consider when looking for certification programs;

  • It is important to think about where you plan on taking your certification once completed. If you want to be able to teach at multiple locations or in private studios, it is critical to know what your training allows you to do.
  • Make sure you are qualified for the course before signing up! Some online courses are more elementary and give you the most basic information necessary, though these sometimes require additional courses to complete your training. Some courses are designed as continuing education so they are meant to build off of your foundational knowledge received in group fitness certifications or personal training programs.
  • See if you can get CECs (or CEUs, which mean Continuing Education Credits or Units) for a program you are already certified in. This is also a great way to validate a course. If you come across an online training course that is not accredited by multiple providers, the course may not be reliable. The accreditation process is rigorous and the more accreditations a course has, the more likely it is comprehensive and thorough.
  • Though not always available, it is also a good sign if a course has international accreditation…meaning you can take your certification abroad to teach what you love!
  • See if the course provider offers additional courses so you can continue to receive CECs in the future without having to start over with a new company or course. Look for advanced levels or courses for specific populations.
  • See if there is a guarantee! It seems simple, but this is huge in online courses. If the course provider is so confident in the material that they offer a money back guarantee, it is going to be a much safer bet.
  • Finally, look for testimonials, social media feedback and multiple sources of customer support. Do their certified instructors love them? Do they provide quality customer support? Do they seem like they interact with their community in a positive way?

If you are ready to get certified as a Barre instructor, check out all of your options before committing. Remember that Barre Certification is accredited internationally by ACE, NASM, PMA, ISSA, AFFA, CanFitPro, and Fitness Australia (just added!).

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