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Choosing between franchise and independent certifications

When looking for a program to receive your barre certification, it is important to consider what where you want to teach and how you want to use the certification.

Some certifications, like the one you get from IBBFA Barre Certification, are independent while others are a part of a franchise company, like Pure Barre.

Choosing between franchise and independent certifications

So, what’s the difference? What to consider before choosing between franchise and independent certifications ?

An independent barre certification gives you more freedom. With an independent certification you are free from licensing fees and franchise limitations. As long as you have a current IBBFA certification, you can teach anywhere. You can teach at a gym, private studio or as a private instructor. As an independent contractor, you can teach anywhere you want. If you are an employee of a private studio or gym, make sure your contract includes wording that you are an IBBFA-Certified Barre Instructor, and that you are the only one certified to teach barre– this usually is not a problem. Wherever you are teaching, you can design the classes how you want. IBBFA Barre Certification encourages their certified instructors to be creative when creating class outlines, while keeping in mind that a safe and effective barre-based workout is the goal.

So, what should most people do? While Choosing between franchise and independent certifications ?

  • Franchise: About 40% of aspiring barre studio owners may find success with a franchise, leveraging the established brand and support network to hit the ground running.

  • Independent: For the remaining 60%, going independent may be the way to go, offering more flexibility and the opportunity to build a unique brand identity from the ground up.

When you go through a franchise company to receive your barre certification, you may have to pay additional fees to the franchise company and you may be only allowed to teach at the company’s studios. If you ever decided to part ways from the company, you would be no longer certified to teach barre at other companies/studios because that franchise company owns the materials and resources you used to get certified.

Choosing between franchise and independent is a critical decision shaping the future of your barre studio. Consider factors like autonomy, support, and brand recognition. Evaluate your goals and resources to determine the best fit. Whether you opt for the established framework of a franchise or the creative freedom of independence. There’s no right and wrong way to becoming certified; it simply depends on what you are looking to get out of the certification process. If your dream is to own and run your own studio as creatively as possible, then an independent certification is better for your needs. If you crave the big company atmosphere then a franchise certification may be what you’re looking for. What’s most important is you following your passion to bring ballet based-fitness to your community.

choosing between franchise and independent

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