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IBBFA: la formación de profesores de Barre en línea más grande y extensa del mundo

Reasons to Get Barre Certified Online

There’s a better option than a rushed in-person weekend workshop to get your barre certification– an online program! Here are five reasons to get barre certified online.

  1. Turn your passion into a business
Reasons to Get Barre Certified Online

Whether you’ve loved ballet since you were a child, or you’ve been taking barre classes religiously, you have a passion that you can turn into a business. Ballet-based fitness is so hot right now! With more and more people becoming interested in barre, there’s a need for certified instructors. Talk to your studio or gym about adding barre classes to broaden opportunities and increase clientele. Not working at a studio or gym? No problem! Pitch to facilities in the area that are not offering barre classes. Begin teaching private lessons or start your own studio. If you want to share your love for ballet-based fitness in your community, you owe it to yourself to take the next step.

  1. You can do it anywhere

As long as you have a computer and internet connection, you can access the certification materials anywhere. Barre Certification is completely online. There is no mailing out manuals or mailing in videos, everything is done with your convenience in mind. And help is only a click or call away. Our support crew answers questions thoroughly and quickly!

  1. You can do it on your own time

You’re busy! Some days you can’t commit a few hours to completing the certification course, and that is okay! No need to stress because you set the pace. You are able to log in and out as you please and complete the course at times that work best with your schedule.

  1. The community

Not only is the team behind IBBFA Barre Certification cheering you on, but also other certified instructors. Through an online group, the entire IBBFA community shares insight, asks questions and encourages one another. Looking for a study buddy? There’s a studying group for instructors currently going through the program.

  1. Endless possibilities

With six courses to choose from, IBBFA has the most extensive barre training in the industry. All IBBFA barre certifications are independent certifications. There are no franchise or licensing fees. You are encouraged to take what you learned and create your own unique barre classes.

Reasons to Get Barre Certified Online

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