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March BarreZen- Spring body challenge “Spring Break Slim Down”

This month, we are bringing the party to the barre! The spring body challenge “Spring Break Slim Down” class is designed to get your clients excited for warm weather! While Barre is great for its low impact exercises, we have a few well known cardio moves like burpees and jumping jacks to mix it up a bit. We recommend offering this to your more advanced students and, as always, provide modifications for students with injuries. If you are unsure how to promote this class, we recommend making it an “event”. We see a lot of our instructors making events out of classes for their students. You can do a dress-up class, brunch and barre (with mimosas and snacks afterward on a weekend), Happy hour at the Barre, or a charity class (in which students donate to a cause that is important to your facility). Your clients will absolutely love the excitement and we promise they will ask for more!

Please share photos if you do your own special event or spring body challenge with your clients!

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