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Barre Instructor Stories

Barre fitness has exploded in popularity in recent years, with studios popping up everywhere from big cities to small towns. At the heart of every barre class are the dedicated, passionate instructors who guide students through the challenging workouts with encouragement, precise cues, and infectious energy.

But what inspires someone to become a barre instructor? What is their journey like? I spoke with several barre instructors to learn more about the paths that led them to the barre. Their stories are sure to motivate anyone considering a career in fitness.

barre instructor stories

Inspiring Barre instructor stories

From Student to Teacher:
Many barre instructors start out as devoted students first. Jen Brown, founder of Meet You At The Barre, shares: “I discovered barre when I was a part time receptionist for a boutique studio during my uni days. I took classes since it was free (part of the perks!) The opportunity for in-studio try outs/training came about as the studio was understaffed. Since I had prior teaching experience in dance where musicality and choreography was easier for me to grasp – I decided to give it a try!”

Similarly, Brittany Sousa, a Pilates and barre instructor, was hooked after attending her first class. “I was obsessed from the moment I stepped out of my first 55-minute class. Overwhelmed? Yes. But hooked none the less,” she writes. “Every single class I felt challenged (in a good way!), eager to continue to learn the technique, and proud of how much better I felt after class.”

Overcoming Challenges:
The journey to becoming a barre instructor is not without obstacles. The training process is rigorous, requiring trainees to master precise anatomy, cueing, and choreography. One instructor shares: “To be honest, it was a bit less physically demanding than I expected, and a whole lot more mentally challenging. Pure Barre is incredibly specific, both in the actual movements you do and the logistics of the class.”

Barre instructor Becky Kammer, who did not have a dance background, surprised herself during the training process. “Here is her story and experience of Barre Instructor Training and how she surprised herself and learnt to use her strengths to create a great class rather than focus on areas she felt she was inexperienced in,” her trainer writes.

Making an Impact:
For many barre instructors, the most rewarding part is seeing the positive impact they have on their students’ lives. “It truly changed my life and I hold it dear to my heart that I get to share that with so many others,” says Brittany Sousa.

Barre instructor Jessica Diaz agrees. Her students rave: “Jessica created a beautiful teacher training manual that logically organized two ready-to-go barre classes!… I feel so lucky to have learned and practiced under the best!”

The journeys that lead instructors to the barre are as varied as the students they teach. But a common thread emerges – a passion for barre, a dedication to learning proper technique, and a desire to share the benefits of this challenging and rewarding workout with others.

To anyone considering becoming a barre instructor, these stories show that with hard work, perseverance, and a love for barre, you too can make the leap from student to teacher. The impact you’ll have on your students’ minds and bodies will be well worth the effort. As one instructor puts it: “If you have have a passion for teaching barre and aspire to be an instructor but unsure how, here are some tips!” The barre world eagerly awaits more barre instructor stories to join its ranks.

Barre Instructor Stories

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