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Barre Instructor Scholarship Programs

barre instructor scholarship programs

Calling all barre enthusiasts! The International Ballet Barre Fitness Association is pleased to announce the release of the Barre Instructor Certification Scholarship. This scholarship program aims to provide aspiring instructors with the opportunity to pursue their passion for barre teaching and make a meaningful impact on their community.

By offering financial support for certification training, the scholarship opens doors for individuals who may otherwise face barriers to entry into the field. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner looking to transition into teaching or a newcomer eager to share the benefits with others, this scholarship can be the stepping stone to your career in fitness instruction.

We are looking for one dedicated instructor who embodies the values of the community and demonstrates a commitment to promoting health and wellness through their teaching. Please email your completed application to

We look forward to receiving your submissions! Thank you!

Empowering Future Instructors: Barre Instructor Scholarship Programs

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